Aquaculture Solution with WISE


In recent years, due to global fisheries have been overfished, the marine resources is getting depleted rapidly. The development of capture fisheries is getting limited and the aquaculture production continues to be fast growing for being eco-friendly and sustainable. With the advances in technology and rising labor costs, greater levels of automation such as monitoring of environment in water temperature, oxygen content and pH value, etc. are gradually introduced into aquaculture production applications to reduce cost and improve the production.

By using WISE-5801, you can always monitor the aquaculture ponds and perform routine control operations in accordance with the schedule. In addition, WISE-5801 is equipped with SMS sending function (for alarm report) and SMS command receiving function. Even in the absence of network connection, it still can perform two-way interactions to implement tasks in real-time.

  • No programming is required to implement system logic settings.
  • Build up a system immediately; it will dramatically reduce the time and labor spent on system development.
  • Built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules execution engine
  • Support ICP DAS XW-Board, I-7000/M-7000 modules and standard Modbus RTU Slave modules for I/O channel monitoring
  • Support Counter, Timer, Schedule, Email sending and Recipe functions
  • Support Data Logger and data log files send back function
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol for seamless SCADA software integration.
  • Support SMS message alarm sending and SMS command receiving function