Smart Building/Home Automation

Application and Solution


Smart Building/Home Automation Solution

With the advance of the electronic technology and network communication technology, and with a variety of embedded applications and applications of Internet of Things getting involved, the Smart Building / Smart Home is getting more and more popular. ICP DAS, as a pioneer in the field of embedded control,has accumulated extended experiences from embedded industrial control to applications in all areas. Thus is able to provide total solutions for a variety of embedded applications. For Smart Building / Smart Home projects, they can be divided into several sub-systems such as: lighting, air conditioning, security,electricity, fire protection, mechanical & electrical devices and center control & monitoring systems.

Lighting Control - For Touch, LC, SC, DALI Series
LC lighting control series targeted at load control which is different from the twisted-pair lighting control system (loop control). When lighting system is required to be modified due to alteration of the building space, it is required to adjust the deployments of the switches, software development and the control of lighting devices as well. For the cost incurred to build a twisted-pair lighting control system is pricy, and the modification of the control for the area is complicated, in addition, the traditional switches will require replacement, therefore, instead of using twisted-pair lighting control system, ICP DAS provides LC lighting control system as a better solution.

The LC-101 in LC lighting control system is perfect solution to incorporate traditional switches into advanced automation control (the deployment is illustrated in the following figure). In addition, ICP DAS also provides DALI Gateway system and wireless ZigBee I/O module and ZigBee converter for easily building up DALI and ZigBee lighting control system and provides flexible system expansion.

HVAC - For DL, CL, SC, PIR, IR, Touch Series
The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are varied from appearance to structure. To provide a full-functioned HVAC system for used in intelligent control applications, it is necessary to provides total solution in both software and hardware in order to meet various requirements from wide-range applications such as: air-cooled chillers, steam boilers or other large equipment, as well as cold or hot pumps to send in/out water, and air-handling unit for regulation & circulate air. The commonly used intelligent air conditioning software usually provides soft logic development kit that is IEC 61131 compliance. In addition, the backend SCADA software are also used in various HVAC systems.

Security - For Touch, LC, PIR, ACS Series​
ICP DAS Building Automation security solution integrates monitoring system and access control system that can be connected to central monitoring system via open-interface network. With the help of LC-131 modules for door/window intrusion detection sensors and PIR Module Pyroelectric Infrared sensors, it is easy to simplify the complexity of the building automation monitoring system and access control deployment; in addition, reduce the cost for system maintenance and operation.

Power Monitoring - For Power Series​
ICP DAS PMMS (Power Monitoring and Management Solution ) includes: front-end on-site Smart Power Meter, Power Meter Concentrator, and back-end software tool for data management that fit customers’ needs. With these total solutions provided so that the user could easily check power data from their mobile phones or PC, and the administrator could set up the system quickly without complicated coding. Simply complete the settings through the web or software to perform power monitoring and data recording and then the user could fully understand the efficiency of the power usage and furthermore establish policies to achieve effective energy saving. During the early stage, if the scale is small, the user could simply use Smart Power Meter and PMC to set up a simple acquisition monitoring system, once the scale is expanded, the user could get the back-end software tool involved and build an easy-to-expand monitoring system via blocks stacked structure. By this way, the system will be highly flexible and could be implemented in phases to meet various requirements.

Environmental Control - For ZigBee, DL, CL, PIR Series​
Often a well-designed fire protection and alarm system must be able to perform and initiate the necessary actions in response to the emergencies and send notification to related personnel in real time. By using ICP DAS ZigBee wireless I/O pair-connection modules, when a fire signal is triggered, it is easy to build a fire alarm system that is able to achieve required linkage actions such as starting the exhaust equipment, turning on the escape route signs and notifying the related personnel, therefore is able to evacuate the building from the nearest exit immediately to reduce the effects of disasters.

Electrical Devices - For Touch, Remote I/O Series​
The electrical devices in a building includes: HVAC, power monitoring, lighting, water supply & wastewater disposal, fire safety and access control, etc.. Usually fire safety system may require authorized license for control operations(information monitoring is allowed), while for other electrical devices, the control and monitoring operations can be done easily after the control sequences being clarified or verified by professional technicians. With the help of remote I/O, schedule operations and linkage actions, the maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced. And by using TPD series products, the operation status of the electrical devices can be shown in graphic, and make it easy for on-site monitoring /control and trouble-shooting operations.